Adhering to the following color reproduction guidelines will help in creating a consistent image and maintaining the visual impact of the visual identity.

Whenever possible, the logo should appear in Carolina Blue. It may also be reproduced in black or white. When appearing on a white or light background, the entire logo should be either black or PMS® 542. When appearing on a dark or black background, the entire logo should reverse out to white.

For all print applications:

Carolina Blue = PMS® 542


For full color reproduction, please use either Pantone® 542 or the following breakdown for process color matching:

Cyan 60
Magenta 19
Yellow 1
Black 4


For Web applications:

Carolina Blue = #7BAFD4

R 123
G 175
B 212


Restrictions regarding color and logos

  • Do not change any colors of the signature.
  • Do not screen any of the signature colors.
  • Do not print the signature in black over a dark background.
  • Do not print the reversed out signature onto a light or white background.
  • Do not place signature over heavily patterned background.


Color usage

A minimum of approximately 10% of Carolina Blue should appear in all materials produced for the University, including both print and web materials.

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